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We can feel free from stress if we understand the story of this article

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Stress is a big problem in this era because life is very fast now, some time we are not able to handle this, Nature gave us some tips and tricks to manage our stress.

If we are not handling our stress our body will suffer for it. If we do not take care of our self, the second effect will be on our minds. Depression is a very common disease in this era; the very important thing is we can manage our stress by many natural things.

Stress management depends on person to person, Every person has a different mindset in this world, everyone has his own problems like working stress, job stress, business stress, life stress, family stress, etc. Many times we have handled the stress but some time we are not able to handle it.

I have a story for you if you understand this story you definitely feel free in your life.

“Once upon a time a newly married boy going to his in-law’s house on his horse. His mother gave him so many gifts for his in-laws. He thinks, his horse is weak and he is young and stronger.
So he rode on the horse and hangs the gifts on his shoulders. When he reached his in-laws home, he was very tired and his shoulders were full of pain.
His wife saw him and said, “Why you are hanging these gifts on your shoulders?”
The boy said, “I Think horse is week so I hang the gifts on my shoulders”.
The wife said, “You think, you save the horse from the load. But your thought is not right if you think properly the horse already carrying you and gift’s weight.
If you hang the gifts on the horseback, weight for the horse will be the same. You felt free from this pain in the journey.”
The boy said, “I feel you are absolutely right. I have realized my mistake.

Will we realize that? What do we do in our life? We are doing the same thing regularly; we can leave our weight on God’s hand’s because God already carries our weight.’s

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  1. Best article for stress management, We are absolutely burdened ourselves for multiple unnecessary things.

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